Mora Farm, Liskeard, Cornwall.

Mora Farm is an 11 acre certified organic market garden, situated in a beautiful sheltered valley bordering the river Fowey, to the south of Bodmin Moor, Cornwall. The farm started in 2016 as just two empty green fields and has slowly been developed into a small yet productive market garden.

The farm is run by Oli Baker and has grown through the hands of an amazing team of employees, trainees and volunteers who have given their time and energy since it started in 2016. As well as growing a wide variety of soft fruits and vegetables for restaurants across London and the South West, Oli and the team also run a veg box scheme across Cornwall.

The farm is off-grid, generating it’s own electricity from solar power and providing irrigation water from a spring on the land via a zero-energy hydraulic ram pump, and the team take into consideration their impact on the land and its future. Oli explains:

“We aim to grow our produce in a way that improves the biodiversity and soil health of the land and surrounding environment.”

We first started working with Oli in 2021 after Nathan and Pete, our Executive Chef, took a visit to Mora Farm, and were truly wowed by Oli’s dedication to growing, and his commitment to working the land with a long term holistic view. Nathan says:

“It is extremely hard work what the guys are doing at Mora Farm, driven by clear passion and a connection to the bigger picture, well beyond just growing fruit and vegetables. The produce is cared for and picked when it is bang in season, and because they grow according to their land and soil type while respecting the seasons, the fruits and vegetables they deliver to us are bursting with flavour.”

Each year between March and October the farm takes on 2 trainees. Coming from a non-farming background himself, Oli recognises how difficult access to farming and land can be. The trainee position aims to provide hands-on experience for passionate newcomers to growing and farming. By seeing the season through, trainees learn about a variety of growing techniques seeing multiple crops from seed to sale.

Mora Farm also welcomes volunteers through the season as a great way to pass on farming processes whilst immersing in the beautiful Cornish countryside. Volunteers are provided food and board with a minimum required stay of 4 weeks.

We feel we’ve only just scratched the surface with Oli and his wonderful produce, and we’re very excited to see what the future holds.