Richard Hore, Restharrow Farm, Trebetherick, Cornwall.

Born in Cornwall, Richard is the owner of Restharrow Farm, a small holding near Rock, a 15-minute drive from the restaurants. Richard took over the reins of the farm at just fifteen years old, shortly after his father passing, and now in his seventies, Richard insists he will continue working for as long as he ‘wakes up and can get out of bed’. His love of what he does is obvious to anyone who talks to him, and his enthusiasm for life is infectious.

Nathan recalls first hearing of Richard:

“I spent years searching for a reliable vegetable supplier who could deliver high-quality produce on a consistent basis, without success. The I came across local grower Richard Hore, by pure chance.”

Still very much a family business, Richard’s son Hartley helps tend to the fields and wife Kath takes care of the farm shop, which is stocked not only with the farm’s provisions, but also with Kath’s fresh bakes from scones to carrot cake, and her very well regarded lemon drizzle – We are fortunate to have had the occasional sample when Richard drops by.

Farming twenty acres of land, Richard has been keen to work with us to grow whatever we need in the kitchen, adding a variety of vegetables to his range, including fennel, onions, kohlrabi, celeriac, chard, rhubarb, broad beans and runner beans. He is now able to supply both of our restaurants throughout the year, and Nathan and our chefs often collaborate with him to discuss the coming seasons. Nathan says:

“I’m always happy to listen to the advice of a man with such a huge depth of knowledge. Richard’s vegetables have a quality and intensity of flavour that is quite remarkable. This can be attributed to the variety, the soil and favourable climate, but I’m certain that it has a lot to do with the way Richard and Hartley care for their crops, tending to them personally every day. As Richard would always say ‘Proper job!’.”