Restaurants Cancellation Policy

“We”, “Us”, or “Our” shall mean Nathan Outlaw Consultancy Ltd, a company registered in England and Wales whose registered office is at Lowin house, Tregolls Road, Truro, Cornwall, TR1 2NA, with company number 8635259.

Our restaurants and Guest House are small and intimate, and as such, our continued viability relies heavily on reservations being honoured by our customers or adequate notice being given of any changes to plans or arrangements. In the event of cancellations, we are proactive in advertising the availability, and advise that the more notice given will lead to a greater chance of re-selling the reservation.
By reserving a table at Outlaw’s New Road, Outlaw’s Fish Kitchen or reserving a stay at Outlaw’s Guest House, you are deemed to have accepted the terms of this Cancellation Policy.

Cancelling a restaurant reservation

Restaurant cancellations may only be made by the following means:
1. Using the “cancel” link provided in either your confirmation email or reminder email.
2. By email directly to the respective restaurant.

Guest House cancellations may only be made by email to [email protected]

Credit card capture and pre-payment for reservations

To secure your restaurant reservation you are required to provide valid credit card details as means of a guarantee.
We reserve the right to charge the card provided a cancellation fee if you cancel or amend a restaurant reservation within the relevant notice period set out in our Cancellation Policy. We reserve the right to charge a no-show fee if you do not show for a reservation, by not appearing on the date and time stated within your confirmation email.

Full pre-payment is required for Outlaw’s Guest House reservations at the time of making the reservation.
If you wish to cancel or amend your reservation, this pre-payment is refundable provided that such cancellation or amendment to your reservation is made within the relevant notice period set out in our Cancellation Policy. Should you fail to provide such notice, we reserve the right to retain your pre-payment in full or partially.

We will, where possible, attempt to resell tables and rooms when we receive cancellations and where we are successful, we will not charge a fee (unless the resold reservation results in a reduction of covers, we reserve the right to charge a fee proportionate to the reduction).

Charges applicable if you cancel, change, or do not show for a reservation

We ask that adequate prior notice (set out below) is given should you wish to cancel or change your reservation. Where you fail to provide such notice, we reserve the right to charge you a cancellation fee (set out below). Should you not show for a reservation without any prior notice given, we reserve the right to charge a no-show fee (set out below). Charges will be made against the card you provided at the time of making the reservation where restaurant reservations are concerned.

Reservation location Prior notice required Cancellation fee No show fee
Outlaw’s New Road By 72 hours prior to your reservation date and time Dinner: £100 per person
Lunch: £50 per person
Dinner: £175 per person
Lunch: £50
Outlaw’s Fish Kitchen By 72 hours prior to your reservation date and time £50 per person £95 per person
Outlaw’s Guest House By 7 days prior to your reservation date Full pre-payment is reserved Full pre-payment is reserved
Outlaw’s Guest House Between 7 to 14 days prior to your reservation date 50% of pre-payment is reserved Full pre-payment is reserved

How the Cancellation Policy is applied

We reserve the right to vary this Cancellation Policy. The Cancellation Policy in place when you made your reservation shall apply. If you do not accept the terms within this Cancellation Policy, you must cancel in advance of the timescales set out in the table above; failure to do so will result in a cancellation fee or no-show fee being charged to you.

Outlaw’s Coastal Retreats Terms and Conditions


  1. Definitions

Our booking terms and conditions describe our policies and procedures (and clarify the contractual relationship between you and us, the owner of the property).

“We”, “Us”, or “Our” shall mean Nathan Outlaw Consultancy Ltd t/a Outlaw’s, a company registered in England and Wales whose registered office is at Lowin house, Tregolls Road, Truro, Cornwall, TR1 2NA, with company number 8635259.

“Guest” shall mean the customer who has made a booking via Our website (, over the telephone or via email.

We are the legal owner of the properties being booked. The contractual relationship (“Contract”) is directly between Us and the Guest. The contract is not effective until the required payment has been received and confirmation sent from Us to the Guest.

  1. The holiday

The Guest has the right to occupy a property for a holiday only (within the meaning of Schedule 1, para 9 of the Housing Act, 1988) for no more than 28 consecutive days at a single property. This begins at 4.00pm on the start day of the holiday and ends at 10.00am on the day of departure.

  1. Photography, property description and marketing

Photography in marketing materials are sometimes taken using a wide-angled lens in order to show as much of the property as possible which can exaggerate the impression of a room’s size. Additionally, we may use 3D renders, illustrations, or digital mock-ups of properties to give an impression of the property for marketing purposes before the property has been fully refurbished. The Guest acknowledges this and agrees it will not make any claim against Us in respect of issues regarding actual room size or design/layout.

We have the right to use any Guest feedback provided via the feedback form, guest book or email for promotional and marketing purposes without prior permission from the Guest.

We do not accept liability for disappointment, cost of travel, inspection or other issues relating to marketing materials.

  1. Guest and party details

To secure a booking with us, party details must be provided to include names and ages of all persons who will be occupying the property during the holiday period. Bookings will not be confirmed until this information has been provided. If the party details change prior to the holiday commencing, Guests will need to inform us.

Only persons listed within the party details are authorised to stay at the property. By agreeing to these terms, the person making the booking is deemed to have permission from all other guests to share their details with us for the purpose of making the booking. We confirm that We will use and hold such details in accordance with Our privacy policy (

  1. Booking eligibility

Bookings cannot be accepted from persons under the age of 18 years or from parties where the majority of members are under 25 years (except families or supervised groups). The number of persons occupying a property must not exceed the maximum stated in the current property description (infants who do not occupy a bed are not counted as a member of a party).

The person who makes the booking will be legally responsible for all persons included within the party details and should ensure that they are aware of the booking terms and conditions. We reserve the right to decline any booking or to refuse to hand over a key to any person who is not considered suitable, or who has not complied with the booking terms and conditions.

A non-refundable booking fee of £40 is applicable for all bookings to cover the administration and transaction fees relating to the booking. This booking fee is included within the advertised price of the properties.

  1. Reservation

To secure the reservation, Guests must complete all parts of the online booking form or provide these details to us via email and make payment for the deposit; half of the total tariff. The balance is payable twelve weeks before the holiday is due and it should be noted that reminders are issued before the balance is due. If the balance is not received, We reserve the right to cancel the booking without refund of the deposit and the holiday will be offered for resale. Any bookings made within twelve weeks of the start of the holiday require full payment at the time of booking.

  1. Damage deposits

The Guest will be required at the time of making the final payment to provide Us with a damage deposit. The amount is property specific and is detailed on the property’s booking page. This deposit covers damage, loss, or loss of rental as a result of the conduct of the Guest or members of the Guest’s party. The Guest is liable for the loss and damage caused to the property and contents to the full value of the Our loss even though the value of the loss:

a) may exceed the damage deposit.

b) may not be covered by the Our insurance cover.

It is also a requirement of the conditions of booking that the property is left in a clean and tidy condition at the end of the letting period. The damage deposit will normally be refunded to the Guest seven to ten working days after departure, provided that no damage has been caused to the property, its contents, fittings and fixtures. The damage deposit will be refunded back to the credit or debit card that was used to process the balance payment.

The damage deposit does not limit the Guest’s liability for damages. If the damage claim exceeds the damage deposit paid then the Guest is required to settle this within seven days of being notified of the total amount. If the Guest wishes to claim the amount from any personal insurance-based scheme, then We will provide all required documentation, but the Guest must personally settle the claim within the seven-day term.

  1. Prices

Prices quoted include VAT where applicable. We reserve the right to charge the Guest any increase on either of these or any other levy imposed by the government that affects the price of the holiday provided the Guest is notified in writing of such increase.

  1. Method of payment

Payments may be made by credit card or debit card.

We are responsible for financial website transactions. The Outlaw’s website is SSL secured, your card details are entered on a secure page and are transferred using secure SSL technology.

  1. Overseas bookings

Overseas Guests may pay in Sterling drawn on a UK bank, Mastercard or Visa. Any charges for payments from overseas will be passed on to the Guest.

  1. Travel insurance

We require that the Guest takes out suitable independent travel insurance when making a booking, to cover the full cost of the holiday in the event of a cancellation.

  1. Transferring booking

Once a booking has been confirmed by Us, it cannot be transferred to another property, to Outlaw’s Guest House, or used as credit towards dining at Our restaurants, except by treating it as a cancellation and a new booking (see Cancellation Policy).

  1. Changing dates

Changing dates of a booking within the same calendar year may occasionally be possible and is subject to Our agreement. Alterations to a booking by the Guest (except for cancellation) will be subject to an administration charge of £25.

  1. Booking alterations by Us

If for reasons beyond Our control (for example failure of a utility service, fire or flood at the property) We have to cancel or alter arrangements made for the Guest we will make every effort to offer an alternative stay, if appropriate. If the Guest does not accept the alternative offered, We will return to the Guest any monies paid, whereupon Our liability will cease.

  1. Cancellation Policy

We offer a 24-hour grace period starting from the time that the deposit payment is made as a cooling off period. If the Guest wishes to cancel their booking within this period, they will be fully refunded to include the deposit and balance (a booking fee of £40 is non-refundable).

A holiday booking is a legally binding contract. In the event of a cancellation for any reason other than the circumstances set out in section 14, the Guest will become liable for the holiday charges, and will only receive refunds in accordance with the below:

For cancellations made up to 12 weeks before the beginning of the holiday, We reserve the right to retain the deposit payment.*

For cancellations made within 12 weeks of the beginning of the holiday, We reserve the right to retain the full payment of the booking.*

*Unless We can secure another booking to replace the Guest’s booking. This is not guaranteed. If a replacement booking is secured, the Guest will be refunded the balance of any sums paid for their holiday (the booking fee of £40 is non-refundable). It is a condition that We are notified in writing immediately by email of the circumstances giving rise to a cancellation as a phone call alone will not suffice.

Refunds made by Us may take up to 10 working days.

  1. Cleaning, bed linen and towels

Bed linen and towels are included in the hire price of the property. Guests are asked to bring beach towels as these are not included.

Charges for cleaning or replacement of missing, soiled or damaged linen and towels will be deducted from the Guest’s damage deposit. Guests are asked to take particular care when it comes to using products that may stain.

  1. Occupancy

Occupancy shall be from 4.00pm on the day of arrival to 10.00am on the day of departure, unless special arrangements have been made prior to arrival (the housekeepers have only a limited time to prepare the property for the next guests, and you are asked to respect this).

If the Guest enters the property before 4.00pm, this should be done on the understanding that a pre-arrival check will not be carried out by Us. This may mean that standards cannot be guaranteed, any existing damage may not have been noted, and any issues with the house may need to be inspected and rectified by engineers during your stay.

Should there be anything the Guest feels that We should be made aware of to ensure the comfort and safety of the Guest, please inform Us.

If the Guest vacates the property later than the check-out time of 10am, We have the right to deduct a charge from the Guest’s damage deposit to cover the cleaner’s additional time (waiting to enter the property). This will be based on the cleaner’s hourly rate.

  1. Property Information

A property information folder is provided at the property which includes property specific information, specific property rules, and health and safety procedures. Guests are asked to familiarise themselves with this information on arrival and to follow any instructions given. We do not accept liability for the content of this information and the Guest’s reliance on it.

  1. Health & Safety

The Guest warrants to the Us that he/she shall (and shall procure that each member of the Guest Party shall):

i. familiarise him/herself with (or be made aware of) the contents of any Property Information Folder at the property, including but not limited those sections regarding safety and fire escape;

ii. ask Us immediately if any instructions in the Property Information Folder are unclear;

iii. comply with any instructions in the Cottage Information Pack and in any event shall not (and shall not permit anyone at the property to):
– smoke on site;
– leave lit candles or similar in the property;
– leave any wood burner, stove, open fire, naked flame, BBQ, gas hob or oven unattended, when lit/hot;
– deep fat fry at the property;
– leave children unattended at the property;
– leave the property unlocked when vacant;
– vandalise, damage or deface the Cottage;
– Cause damage to any of the fixtures, fittings, appliances and linens provided
– cause a nuisance to neighbours;
– allow any person to reside at the property who is not a member of the Guest’s party;
– do anything which could render Our insurance policy(ies) in respect of the proper void or voidable (Collectively “The Guest Safety Warranties”).

b. The Lead Guest shall indemnify and keep Us indemnified against any loss, cost or expense any of them may suffer from time to time as a result of a breach by the Guest’s party of any of the Guest Safety Warranties.

c. In the event of a breach of the Guest Safety Warranties the We may immediately terminate the Guest’s occupation of the Property. In the event that the Contract is brought to an end in this fashion We shall have no liability in respect of any losses suffered by the Guest.

d. The Guest shall allow Us or Our representatives access to the property during their stay to check compliance with this Agreement.

  1. Parking

Guests must not park or obscure any neighbouring properties or park on nearby lanes with parking restrictions.

  1. Services

Electricity and water are included within the price of the booking.

Any pay per view items downloaded from television platforms such as Sky are at the liability of the Guest.

  1. Internet

All properties have Wi-Fi passwords for accessing the service located in the property information folder. We do not guarantee the speed of the internet and cannot be held responsible for any issues with the service, but if the Guest has a problem, they can contact Us and We will try and assist with the problem.

The Guest agrees to comply with all current legislation pertaining to and regarding the use of electronic data in using the internet provided by Us. We cannot accept liability for loss or damage to the Guest’s data, or, accept responsibility or liability for the Guest’s inappropriate or illegal use of the internet.

  1. Pets

Pets are permitted on our properties if specified within the property details.

  1. Damage, loss and nuisance

The Guest agrees that the supervision of children, babies, and any adults requiring care always remains the responsibility of the Guest. The Guest will be responsible for leaving the accommodation in good order and clean condition, otherwise a cleaning charge will be levied. The Guest will pay for any damage or loss however caused, excluding reasonable wear and tear incurred during occupation. The Guest agrees not to cause nuisance or annoyance to occupants of nearby property, and to allow reasonable access to the property by the Us if We deem it necessary. No functions are to be held at the properties unless discussed with Us before booking, and whereby approval from Us will be required.

If in Our opinion any person is not suitable to continue their occupation of the property because of unreasonable behaviour, damage or nuisance to other parties, the contract may be discharged, and the We may repossess the property immediately. The Guest will remain liable for the whole of the cost of the hire and no refund shall be due.

The Guest agrees to allow reasonable access to the property by Us if We deem it necessary. 

  1. Smoking and vaping policy

All properties, and courtyards attached are strictly non-smoking and non-vaping. Smoking and vaping are only permitted outside the property away from any windows or doors. The Guest must not leave cigarette or cigar butts or ashes anywhere around the property. Additional cleaning charges will apply and will be deducted from the Guest’s damage deposit should the inside of the property smell of smoke or if cigarette butts and ashes are left in the vicinity of the property.

  1. Personal items left behind

We do not take responsibility for any items left behind by Guests. If an item is recovered, it will be taken to Our office and the Guest will be contacted. If the Guest confirms they want this item returned, this will be subject to a postage charge. This will be deducted from the Guest’s damage deposit. After three months, if an item is not claimed it will be disposed of or donated to charity.

  1. External factors

We will not be held to account or be responsible for any of the following which may have an impact on the Guest’s stay which results in the Guest seeking to cancel or end their booking early:

holiday fairs, fetes, events or festivals occurring during the letting season or any noise or building works carried out in the vicinity or on neighbouring properties; or

compliance with any law or governmental order or direction, adverse weather conditions, strikes, act of God, war or civil commotion or an epidemic or pandemic.

  1. Complaints

In the event of a problem or complaint, the Guest should contact Us within 24 hours of arrival so that remedial action can be taken. If an engineer is requested and the engineer can find no problem, the call-out cost will be passed on to the Guest.

No complaints can be considered where We have not been given an opportunity to investigate the complaint and endeavour to put matters right during the occupation. If the complaint cannot be resolved, it can be referred at any time, by either side, to the independent arbitration service, the ombudsman of the Holiday Home Association (HHA).

Governing law and jurisdiction

The English Courts will have exclusive jurisdiction over any claim existing from, or related to, this Cancellation Policy.

If you have any questions about this Cancellation Policy, please contact us by email

Nathan Outlaw Consultancy Ltd, 2024.